Karpata Group designs websites for small businesses and personal projects. Our goal is to design websites that work which we have been doing since 2001. Start-up business web design is one of our specialities.

Many of our clients are small businesses, individuals, or non-profit groups without large corporate marketing budgets. We are small business, too so we understand the importance of being resourceful and making the most impact with the budget you have.

Your time and your customer’s time is valuable, so your website must open quickly, be intuitive to navigate, and present your products and services in an attractive way. We will work closely with you to design a website that works and helps you reach your goals.

We offer the following services:

BTW - The Karpata Group name comes from the karpata scuba diving and snorkel site on the island of Bonaire. This dive site offers a challenging dive, but worth the effort to see the vibrant ocean life living within its bright blue water.

Follow our travels on our blog: Chicken Scratches.